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Frequently asked questions


I own large premises with more than 40 radiators. Can I install Oxypod™?

Oxypod performs well in systems larger than 40 radiators. Systems of this size may have a heating flow pipe diameter of 1.5 (37.5mm)to 2 inches (50mm), so a section of 28mm pipe will be fitted to accommodate Oxypod. The removal of air already in the system will take a bit longer than in a smaller system, but the end result will be the same as with any other Oxypod installation.

Does Oxypod™ need to be fitted next to the boiler? There may not be room in the cupboard.

Oxypod needs to be installed downstream of the heating pump within the primary flow (not return flow). It is advisable to allow a 300mm drop of pipe below the device in order to stabilise the flow of water in the system. This distance is a guideline only, but we would consider 150mm to be the minimum distance. It is preferable that this is next to the boiler but it can be done in a loft or other places where there is access to the pipework.

Can I install the Oxypod™ myself?

In essence yes; the installation is straight forward but it is important that the fitting instructions are followed accurately and we would recommend the use of a competent qualified plumber or heating engineer.

We have approved installers available in most geographical areas of the UK but we're keen to find additional installers who have the skills to fit Oxypod. We will provide training and guidance as necessary on fitting Oxypod.

What size of pipe work does the Oxypod™ need to be fitted to?

Oxypod comes with a connection size of 28mm to suit normal domestic heating systems. Copper adapters will be supplied to accommodate non-standard pipe work.

How long will it take to install the Oxypod™?

Oxypod has only two connections and no moving parts. It can be installed as part of a new heating system in under one hour. In an existing system where pipe work needs to be modified it may take up to two to three hours.

Types of heating system

I have a ground source heat pump. Would Oxypod™ deliver any benefits?

Yes. Oxypod will increase the coefficient of performance (COP) of the heat pump by up to 8%. If Oxypod is fitted to a heating system, the COP will increase up to 15%.

In an early field trial, installing two Oxypod's in a ground source heat pump, reduced the electrical consumption by 29%.

I have an old fire back boiler. Will Oxypod™ make it more efficient?


Can Oxypod™ be installed with oil boilers?


Can Oxypod™ be fitted to a combination boiler?

Yes. Oxypod can be fitted to the primary heating flow coming out from the boiler.

I have a 'Condensing' Boiler. What benefits will Oxypod™ deliver?

Oxypod will reduce the boiler's gas and electrical consumption and also reduce maintenance costs.

Can Oxypod™ be fitted to a tank-fed system?


Can Oxypod™ be installed in a 'sealed' system?

Yes. Oxypod™works effectively on closed or open vented boilers


How long is Oxypod™ guaranteed for?

Oxypod™ has no moving parts and it has a life expectancy of 40 years.

In order to comply with our insurance requirements and good business practice our guarantee period is 15-years. 

My heating system is very noisy. Will Oxypod™ reduce this noise?

Yes. Oxypod® will eliminate the noises associated with trapped, dissolved air.

I regularly have to bleed my radiators. Will Oxypod™ address this problem?

Yes. The radiators should be bled after Oxypod® is installed. Over the course of two weeks following the installation, Oxypod® will remove the air that has accumulated in the system. You won't need to bleed radiators again if this process is followed

I have a mixture of old and new radiators. Will Oxypod™ make the old ones more effective?

Yes. The radiators may need flushing before the system is recommissioned and after a few weeks their performance will improve considerably.

I have a combination boiler. Will Oxypod™ affect the hot water?

Yes. The water will heat up faster.

How long will it take before Oxypod™ starts reducing my energy bills?

Oxypod will start to work within the first few minutes depending on the size of the system and deliver improvements in performance of the water heating or cooling system.

Integration with other devices

Will installing Oxypod™ affect the guarantee on my heating system?

No. We have received positive communication from the major boiler manufacturers that their warranties will not be affected by the installation of Oxypod™. In fact they would encourage any product that removes air from a water heating system and improves the performance of their boiler

My heating system has a corrosion inhibiter. Will it affect the way Oxypod™ works?

No. Oxypod™ is a preventative technology and stops Oxygen and Nitrogen entering a water heating and cooling system whereas, inhibitors scavenge for the Oxygen once it has entered the water system

I already have a de-aerator fitted so why would I need an Oxypod™?

Oxypod™ removes both Oxygen and Nitrogen from the water that enters a heating or cooling system. For this reason, Oxypod™ with its unique Patented design and specification will deliver much more effective results by preventing corrosion and giving significant energy & maintenance savings.



Does the price include VAT?

Yes, if you are a domestic householder. If you are a registered company, the pricing structure is different. Please contact us to find out more »

I own multiple properties. Can I get a discount for buying several Oxypod™?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Do you make Oxypod™ in other colours?



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