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Fitting and post-installation instructions

Instructions for installation

Instructions for post-installation

After Oxypod™ has been initially installed on your water heating system the radiators need to be vented to ensure all trapped air is removed. This might lead to the pressure dropping slightly on the boiler; in a closed loop system, this will require the filling loop to be opened-up to allow more water into the system until the system pressure is correct. This work will be carried out by the engineer installing Oxypod™.

However, if you have a system failure in the future and the system needs to be refilled again the above-mentioned process should be followed – we recommend attaching the undermentioned sticker to the boiler.

In some circumstances the thermostat setting or target temperature on the boiler may need to be turned down due to the increased heat improvements from installing the Oxypod™ device. On newer self-modulating boilers, they will re-set themselves without intervention to run about 36° to 56°C. However, the room temperature thermostats or radiator thermostats might need to be turned down due to their improved performance.

Installing Oxypod™

The installation of an Oxypod™ is relatively simple, however, we do recommend the work is carried out by someone competent and the instructions for installation are strictly adhered to. If you are not able to install the unit yourself, a plumber or a heating engineer will be able to do the work.

Your boiler warranty

Oxypod™ has been endorsed by all the leading boiler manufacturers; Grant Engineering, Worcester Bosch Group, Viessman, Baxi & Potterton and Ideal Boilers and should not affect the warranty on your boiler. We do recommend that you check with your boiler warranty issuer prior to installing an Oxypod™.

For any queries or advice about Oxypod™ installation or any questions about the product, please contact 21C Eco Energy on 0845 519 8280
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