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  • Video of Oxypod™ removing dissolved Oxygen
    21 October 2016
    The following 'YouTube' video link clearly shows the magic of Oxypod™ in removing dissolved air from a water heating system; this test was carried out under the supervision of University College London at a property in South-East London. https://youtu.be/JGwrvUAoYbg Oxypod™ is a compact 'International Patent Pending' egg shaped device with no...More »
  • The cheapest energy is the energy you don't use!
    The cheapest energy is the energy you don't use!
    17 October 2016
    https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/baroness-neville-rolfes-speech-on-energy-efficiency The speech from another government minister is all well and good but we need action not more rhetoric.  The public and business need to know that there are excellent products currently available in the market that will save energy and maintenance, at a cost...More »
  • Dissolved Oxygen removal testing
    Dissolved Oxygen removal testing
    11 July 2016
    In liaison with University College London (UCL) & Hennessy Heating, Oxypod® has yet again tested positively for the removal of dissolved Oxygen from a water heating system, this time at a property owned by the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council in Eltham, South London. The 3-day test in the 3-bedroom property using 'Toledo Mettler' testing equipment...More »
  • Oxypod™ tested under guidance of NEA
    20 April 2016
    Oxypod™ has been rigorously tested for fluid dynamics, air removal, radiator performance, and energy-savings, it is also being tested on a further 125 homes across the UK for energy savings under the guidance of theNational Energy Action (NEA). We have also being carrying out water testing using UKAS approved laboratories before and after installing...More »
  • Stan Whetstone – my relationship with Tadpole and Oxypod™
    18 April 2016
    There are many rumours that circulate regarding my involvement in regard to Oxypod™ and Tadpole. I would like to set the record straight and dispel a few misconceptions. Firstly, there is a video that is being used by Tadpole Energy. This video was made by Yorkshire Forward in 2009 and has been copied from YouTube by Tadpole Energy. There is no permission...More »


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