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"Boiler turned down within one hour of Oxypod™ install"

Within one hour of installation I was able to turn the boiler down from level 6 to level 3 and reduce the temperature from 75 to 65 degrees and have now reduced it further, to level 2 and 60 degrees.

This was on a new Worcester Bosch oil boiler OH installed 5 weeks ago.

Pretty impressive.

Mr A Acton, Stafford, Staffordshire

"Recommending to all customers following successful installations"

"I have now installed 7nr Oxypod® to different address on behalf of Royal Borough of Greenwich and different types of heating systems, the most exciting of these was the most recent.
At one address on the Isle of Sheppey I had a vented system with a 'Potterton Suprema' and 7nr radiators, even when running for 24hr the radiators could only reach a luke warm temperature.
I drained the expansion tank as far as the circulating pump in the upstairs airing cupboard installed Oxypod® on the flow immediately off the boiler and refilled the system (leaving all the dirty gritty water in the system) as I wanted to test Oxypod® under a worst case scenario.
What I found was unbelievable within half an hour all 7nr radiators had reached target temperature.

I can't believe how well this product works and I will be recommending Oxypod® to all my customers from this day forth."


Hennessy Build on behalf of Royal Borough of Greenwich, Isle of Sheppey, London

"Pleasingly our heating bills have reduced as estimated"

Since installing Oxypod®, we've eradicated the need to bleed our radiators, the radiators have also been far warmer across all the surface area and we've got rid of the annoying noises from trapped air in our heating system. Pleasingly our heating bills have reduced as estimated


Mr & Mrs Zywicki of Menston, West Yorkshire

"Leeds Federated Housing Association trialling the Oxypod™"

"We have been trialling Oxypod™ in several of our larger terraced properties which have had known issues with their heating systems and /or large heating bills. Feedback with regard to issues within the GCH were pretty much instantaneous  with cold spots being eradicated even on radiators on the end of the system. I have a unit installed at my home, and the issues of sufficient hot water for baths and showers have been resolved. They certainly resolve known issues within large and smaller heating systems so much so that Leeds Fed is installing Oxypod™ in our larger terraces as part of refurbishment programme."

David Malson, Leeds Federated Housing Association Ltd

"(We've) been fitting these on our contract in Leeds and it really is as good and easy as it sounds."

Milton Thomas, Site Manager for Willmott Dixon

"I have just got my energy statement and it is reduced massively."

"I am getting a refund of £393.51. My direct debit has gone down from £95 per month, to £69 per month. This reduction has occured since I installed Oxypod™ 18-months ago"

Retired mechanical engineer - Selby, Yorkshire

"Gas consumption for central heating is down by 27%"

"Very pleased to report that 5 weeks after installing an @Oxypod_21C device, gas consumption for central heating is down by 27%"

David Masterman, Twitter

"I can't quite believe the difference since Oxypod™ was installed"

"I've turned my heating down at the boiler and there is no noise at all from the heating system, all my radiators are warm without any cold spots. But, the icing on the cake is the huge reduction in my Calor gas bills - one less fill-up per annum."

Miss Glover, Wells, Somerset

"Savings on the energy budget have enabled us to enhance our service."

The premises of Danny's Dream Club, for people with complex needs, has doubled in size but uses less energy than ever, since installing Oxypod®.

"We have been able to invest those savings and grow our sales."

Thornton Fresh Food Cooperative in Hull achieved a 31% reduction in gas consumption after installing Oxypod®.

Thornton Fresh Food, Hull

"The whole place feels warmer and cosier."

Oxypod® was installed at the Alastrean Care Home in Aberdeenshire has attained a 58% burn time saving.

Private Care Home, Aberdeen


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