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BEIS testing Oxypod™ on Mansfield BC homes

07 March 2019

BEIS testing Oxypod™ on Mansfield BC homes


Extensive testing of Oxypod™ is being carried out on live homes with the aid of BEIS funding to establish and qualify the energy saving capablities. Oxypod's™ have been installed on homes side-by-side in Mansfield and in Hull.

Under the supervision of Cambridge Analytical Research (CAR), it is hoped that the team will discover the full potential of Oxypod™ in removing dissolved air from heating systems and the resulting performance benefits to heating systems. CAR are using sensitive monitoring equipment and degree-day adjusted temperature data to establish just how successful Oxypod™ is in reducing energy usage and carbon reduction.

The BEIS funding of Oxypod™ commenced in May 2018 and will proceed for another 12-months to establish definitive data.


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