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Expertise from Hull University helping Oxypod™

20 April 2015

Expertise from Hull University helping Oxypod™

Expertise from The University of Hull has helped launch an international award-winning household device.

PhD Students Carl Collins and Esther Bruce used their expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to design and pilot the Oxypod™.

Oxypod™ is a compact, oval-shaped gadget, it is designed to fit onto heating systems in order to remove air, and thereby increase efficiency.

The Hull University team made use of their knowledge of CFD software STAR-CCM+. STAR-CCM+. The employment of this state of the art software described as a “computational continuum mechanics” tool, allowed engineers to solve heat transfer and fluid flow problems simultaneously.

Dr Philip Rubini, from Hull University’s Chemical Engineering department said “Our two PhD students, Carl Collins and Esther Bruce applied their extensive experience of working with STAR-CCM+ to set up the innovative geometry and carry out a range of fluid flow simulations. Their work demonstrated to the inventor the underlying flow phenomena upon which his device was based.”

This computer modelling approach allowed the testing of Oxypod™ through simulations. Each test that has been conducted has delivered a positive result.

Oxypod™ was first conceived by engineer Stan Whetstone. This was then brought to the attention of Hull-based community initiative the Goodwin Development Trust. Goodwin has assisted with the development of Oxypod™ as a radical new means of tackling fuel poverty.
According to Peter McGurn of the Goodwin Development Trust, “We have now actually arrived at the point where we are convinced it works. From our point of view as a social enterprise, we see it as a way of addressing fuel poverty.”

It is claimed that Oxypod™ can reduce heating energy consumption and this could really help people who are stuck in the Fuel Poverty trap. //

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