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New gunmetal Oxypod™ is now available

12 October 2017

New gunmetal Oxypod™ is now available

The new gunmetal Oxypod™ is now rolling out

After many months of development the compact gunmetal Oxypod™ complete with a top inlet entry and 22mm connectors is now in full production. Made in a single cast, the Patent approved de-aeration device looks stunning and has been enthusiastically received by clients.  

The new unit has been put through its paces and as can be seen on the following hyperlink, it works even faster at removing air (in less than 15-minutes) in a water heating system than the original model.


Additionally, at the start of the video, crystal clear water can be seen coming from the existing water heating system - this system had an Oxypod™ installed over 4-years ago and there are no magnetite's or dirt particles!


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