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Oxypod™ - The New Green Deal

18 September 2015

Oxypod™ - The New Green Deal

Ministers have pressed the reset button on cold homes

Now the Green Deal is dead and gone, the government is looking for new ideas. Winter is coming and MPs have just come back from recess - the perfect moment to suggest fixing our homes with some of the huge infrastructure fund

Thousands of Energy Bill Revolution supporters messaged their MP after the election which caused load of new MPs to join the fight for warm homes. 

Now you can message your MP too. 

Ask them to put some of the Government's £100bn infrastructure fund into fixing our housing to bring down energy bills once and for all.
One quick, easy, cost effective and home warming solution would be to install Oxypod™.
For one property clad with external wall insulation (EWI) you could install Oxypod™ to approximately 15nr properties and achieve far greater benefits on energy and maintenance savings.

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